Tiffany Marie Hyatt

Singer. Actor. Storyteller.


Hello! I'm Tiffany, and I am a singer, actor, teaching artist, and performer from Fort Worth, TX. I recently graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am currently based in Orlando, FL.

My aspiration is to make an impact on the lives of the people around me through the stories I share.

Apart from performing, I enjoy writing, cooking, personal styling, and spending time with my family and my cat.

I'm always looking for my next big adventure and ways to grow in my craft as a theatre artist, so please feel free to reach out if you'd like to hear more about my work or collaborate on a project!


Tiffany as Wednesday Addams - The Addams Family - Artisan Center Theatre - PC Meagan Nelson
Wednesday Addams

The Addams Family
Artisan Center Theatre
Photo by Meagan Nelson

Tiffany as Kelli Mangrum - Hands On A Hardbody - Granbury Theatre Company - PC Shad Ramsey
Kelli Mangrum

Hands on a Hardbody
Granbury Theatre Company
Photo by Shad Ramsey

Tiffany's Headshot by Adrian Stecker
Headshot by Adrian Stecker
Tiffany as Sally Bowles - Cabaret - OhLook Performing Arts - PC TJ Mundell
Sally Bowles

OH Look Performing Arts
Photo by TJ Mundell

Tiffany as Gertie Cummings - Oklahoma! - Mainstage Classic Theatre - PC Heather Thomas
Gertie Cummings

Mainstage Classic Theatre
Photo by Heather Thomas

Tiffany as Radio Voice/Ensemble - Grease - Granbury Theatre Company
Radio Voice/Ensemble

Grandbury Theatre Company

Tiffany as Congregant - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Plaza Theatre Company - PC Hannah Midkiff Marroquin

The Hunchback of Notredame
Plaza Theatre Company
Photo by Hannah Midkiff Marroquin